Anne Mortier

Artist /  Designer / Ceramicist

Artist statement


My search is focused on the qualities and bounderies of porcelain clay.

I like the whiteness, the translucity and the purity of the material, the soft touch when throwing.

Nature is my inspiration.

I like to work with multiple forms and put them in relation to one another, like families. The bowls are thrown on the wheel and marks are pushed into the wet clay breaking down the tension of the wall. In a second phase the pieces are strechted almost to their collapsing point, creating forms from within.

mastering ceramics and especially porcelain requires great discipline and métier. The possibilities the material offers are huge, endless and a constant motivation to push bounderies and experiment with texture, glaze and form. A traditional but beautiful way to use the material, in my opinion. Glaze has been an obsession for me in the past, subtle surfaces can enhance a  form or destroy the work completely. In fact ceramics is about making choices all the time, making the right  ones for me is a daily challenge. My latest porcelain shapes are threedimensional translucent watercolors, without glaze showing the beautiful naked skin of the vitrified porcelain.

I throw, trim, push, cast, cut and assemble. By using different kinds of porcelainclay and combining throwing and casting together, each work reacts differently to the high temperature in the kiln. Gravity does his work while the porcelain is weak at this point of the proces. Distortions are unpredictable and surprising due to different shrinking of the material.

It’s the fire taking controle and soft clay is transformed into the beautiful material that was the start of everything 



"breakdown to compose"

"undo to make" are twinactions that feature my artistic approach.

”pushing bounderies”


My search is focused on the exploration of the qualities and bounderies of porcelain clay : whiteness,  translucency and  bounderies of its plasticity

I like to start with simple forms thrown on the wheel and put them in relation to one another, like families.

The bowls are thrown and marks are pushed into the wet clay, breaking down the tension of the wall.

In a second phase the bowls are strechted almost to collaps point, creating new forms while distorting the previous one.

Through distortion the function of the utensil is re-invented, released, creating a fascinating new world of abstract form. Forms defying balance and who are swirling around their fulcrum.

The marks on the surface symbolise the facts of life we all endure, the little things we enjoy every day, but also grieve, leaving scars. 




"Faire et défaire”

"décomposer pour composer" sont des actions jumelles de ma démarche artistique.

“Défier les limites” 



D'œuvre en œuvre, ma recherche est entièrement axée sur l'exploration des qualités et possibilités extrêmes de la porcelaine : sa blancheur, la plasticité limitée et la translucidité. Le geste, le façonnage est très directe et précies sans hésitation. Le bol est tourné sur le tour et l’utilisation d’outils en bois donne le rythme à la construction/déconstruction des bols.

Dans un stade ultérieur la porcelaine est étirée jusqu’au point d’ensachage pour créer la déformation du bol. Les limites de plasticité ou le manque de plasticité jouent un rôle dans très important dans la forme finalle.

 le fonctionel du contenant est complètement abandonnée, créant un monde nouveau de formes abstraites. Des formes qui dansent autour de leur point focal et qui cherchent leur equilibre. Aucune forme est la même, c’est la traduction du geste, de l'intervention du créateur et de son émotion.

Les bols portent des marques qui symbolisent les choses de la vie, les traces que laissent le bonheur mais aussi le chagrin.